All That You Need to Know About Ketapang Kratom

Kratom, for the uninitiated, is a tropical tree that belongs to the same class as coffee. It has been popular in South East Asia for centuries. Like any plant species, there are different strains of kratom. We will briefly discuss in this small article about Ketapang kratom and also what sets red Ketapang apart from other Ketapang, which is also available with GOLDLEAF that is harvested in Indonesia.

What is kratom?

A few years back nobody knew about Kratom in the USA. However, people of Indonesia and Thailand were using this plant since long, as relaxant or for stimulant purposes.

Now people the US too use it to get rid of pain and anxiety. Enough research has not yet been done and hence FDA has not still approved it as medicine.

Ketapang kratom has smooth taste, and less bitter than all other kratom types. People take it as a tea to get more energy or relaxation from kratom.

There are 3 types of Ketapang which is generally available in the market:

Red Ketapang

Red Ketapang is most relaxing kratom out of all other types and has become popular because it eases pain. Also, due to its sedative effects, it can reduce stress and anxiety.

However, sleepiness is one of the side effects of this kratom, so it is better to take during evening.

White Ketapang

White Ketapang provides lots of energy and hence it is great strain to be taken during morning like a coffee. It is very useful particularly for manual laborers to get energy before the work. It also helps in concentration.

Green Ketapang

Whether you want to get rid of anxiety or want energy, green vein strain can provide you both and you will get smooth Ketapang flavor. This will also keep you calm.

Green vein kratom is considered to be in between Red and White kratom strains and well-suited for both daytime and evening consumption.

How to consume Ketapang kratom?

You can take it in powder form directly with water, however many do not like to take in this way due to its bitter flavor

Kratom tea can be another popular option, which can cover its flavor. You can also try your hand to make kratom edibles. Not only it will taste divine, but also it offers consistency.

Following are few Frequently Asked Questions regarding Ketapang kratom

Will Ketapang kratom create sleepy feeling?

Only stains of red and green have sedative effect, while white strain can be more energizing rather than relaxing.

Can Ketapang improve mood?

Red Ketapang can produce euphoric effects if taken in large quantities. Small quantity may also boost mood.

Will I get addicted to Ketapang kratom?

There is a risk of addiction for all kratom if you consume more quantity.

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