Three Common Misconceptions about Laser Tattoo Removal

Are you thinking about getting rid of your tattoo? If so, you are looking for the most effective way to get the job done. Thankfully, laser hair removal has been proven to get rid of tattoo effectively and without complications. But, as you try to get more information about this procedure, you may come across the common misconceptions surrounding it. Being aware of these misconceptions can help you make a firm decision about why you should opt for this method:

You Can Safely Get the Procedure Anywhere It is Offered

There are a lot of laser centers and spas out there but you must ensure your laser tattoo removal procedure is done only by those with a track record in the industry. It is often best to get the job done by a dermatologist because they know what to recognize, what complications to look for, and who not to treat.  Don’t’ get swayed by promises that amateur tattoo artists may make. For your safety and the successful removal of your tattoo with laser technology, only choose the right people for the job. While you can have scarring from tattoo removal, it can get serious if the procedure is done by an unqualified individual.

Laser Removal is a Simple and Quick Process

Keep in mind that laser tattoo removal is a process and complete removal can take a year or two. Usually, treatments occur at four-week intervals. Also, this invasive procedure costs hundreds of dollars per session. To remove tattoos, laser blows up pigment molecules into tiny pieces. Then, these pieces are cleared away by an immune system response. Healing from the treatment is not as simple as you may think. AS the laser breaks the surface of the skin, you can experience bleeding, swelling, and pain after the treatment.

Anyone Can Have Laser Tattoo Removal

Although laser tattoo removal is a reliable procedure, some people are not ideal candidates for it. The procedure will be tougher in patients with a darker skin tone based on laser physics and how the laser works. As the laser targets pigment in the dye, it can also target your skin’s melanin. Thus, it will be more difficult to use a laser to remove the tattoo if you have darker skin tone. However, this doesn’t mean it is impossible. A lot of laser centers also specialize in the removal of tattoos in all skin tones, including darker ones.

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