Your Basic Guide To Cannabis Strains!

Cannabis, weed, marijuana, grass – There are different names for this amazing plant! Cannabis contains a bunch of chemical compounds, which are together called cannabinoids. Only one cannabinoid – THC – is psychoactive, or will produce a high that marijuana is known for. While a whole range of cannabis products are now available in the market, many medical cannabis users still prefer the traditional ways of smoking and vaping. Whether you are looking for the best flower in Denver, or want to try concentrates, knowing about cannabis plants is important. In this post, we are sharing the basics about strains, which can be divided into three categories – Indica, Sativa, and Hybrids.

Knowing Cannabis sativa

Cannabis sativa is native to parts of Central America and Southeast Asia, besides selected areas of Africa. Sativa strains grow well in areas that are prone to dry weather and often contains a higher amount of THC, when compared to Indica strains, contrary to what many people believe. Sativa strains are best reserved for daytime use, when one needs to focus better, or requires relief from depression, stress, and anxiety. The best example of a sativa strain is Durban Poison.

Knowing Cannabis indica

Cannabis indica is native to parts of Asia, especially India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The name comes from its origins in the Hindu Kush mountains. Compared to sativa plants, indica plants are shorter in length but grow really quick. The THC content may vary, but indica strains usually have a high content of CBD. Indica is best reserved for nigh time use, when you want to sleep better, enjoy more of a relaxed state of mind. Afghan Kush is a perfect example of Indica strain.

Knowing Hybrids

As the name suggests, hybrids harness the best properties of other strains, and growers often take pride in developing new strains that are meant to offer a specific kind of cannabis experience. Some hybrid cannabis plants are bred to have a much higher content of THC, but it depends largely on the parent strains. Some hybrids are indica-dominant, while some are sativa-dominant. A good example of cannabis hybrid would be Pineapple Express.

Which is the best pick?

That’s a subjective question. Each cannabis strain is unique and can be considered for certain kind of benefits. If you are a medical cannabis patient, you can ask the dispensary or their experienced budtenders for recommendations. Recreational cannabis used, where it’s legal, do not mind trying different cannabis strains to find what works best for them.

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