A Systematic Review Of The Possible Causes And Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction

Most men who experience the symptoms of erectile dysfunction usually have no further thoughts of it, but occasionally it may cause embarrassment if you cannot get hard. It is common for men to try a number of remedies to get their partner to climax only to fail repeatedly. Fortunately, there are many treatments available for erectile dysfunction. You can learn how to treat erectile dysfunction by doing your homework and knowing what the causes are.

One of the main causes of erectile dysfunction is arteriosclerosis or hardening of the arteries. In the past, hardening of arteries was thought to be the main reason why erectile dysfunction sometimes precedes heart attack. Atherosclerosis is an accumulation of cholesterol, fat, and plaque in the artery walls. This results in blood clots that reduce blood flow in the arteries and impair blood supply to your penis. Coronary artery disease (CAD) is one of the leading causes of this risk factor.

Cigarette smoking is the second most common cause of erectile dysfunction. This is a serious health risk factor because it reduces blood flow and increases blood pressure and cholesterol levels, both of which are associated with coronary artery disease. There are several studies that suggest that smoking is one of the causes of heart disease, especially in men who have already had a heart attack or stroke. Men with high risk factors for heart disease should discontinue cigarette smoking, or at least cut down as much as possible.

Stress is another risk factor that may contribute to erectile dysfunction. Stress can affect your mood, physical health, and your sense of excitement. Because erectile dysfunction is related to blood vessels, anxiety can worsen the condition and make it more difficult to maintain an erection. When you feel low, you tend to worry about how your sexual performance will match up. The more anxious you are, the less likely you are to be able to maintain an erection long enough to complete sex.

Some medical conditions, such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol, can cause erectile dysfunction. If you are at risk for heart disease or another cardiovascular issue, you should discuss these issues with your doctor or by visiting While heart problems are treatable, they can be dangerous if they are not treated properly.

In this article we discussed some of the possible reasons that contribute to erectile dysfunction and how you can avoid or treat them if you are already experiencing problems. This brief systematic review provides details on how to determine if you have erectile dysfunction. We hope that this overview helps you determine whether you have a problem and helps you to find a treatment. If you do have erectile dysfunction, make sure that you contact a health care professional for further evaluation. Your health care provider will be able to provide a more thorough assessment of your situation.

The effects of erectile dysfunction are much more serious than simply having a hard time getting an erection or maintaining one. The physical effects are dangerous because erectile dysfunctions can lead to the possibility of blood being inadvertently infected by the penis. Also, erectile dysfunctions can result in the inability to sustain an erection for the amount of time that is necessary to have intercourse. In some instances, erectile dysfunctions may cause emotional distress and even suicidal thoughts.

It’s common for people to experience temporary difficulties with their ability to maintain an erection by taking certain prescription medications. However, it’s important to understand that a person who experiences these problems does not necessarily have erectile dysfunction. Temporary problems can be caused by taking certain prescription medications or because there are underlying medical conditions causing them. In addition, ED can also be caused by a number of different diseases and conditions. Some of the diseases and conditions that can cause temporary issues with erectile dysfunction include:

There are several risk factors that are involved with male erectile dysfunction, including a low testosterone level. In men, testosterone plays a key role in the development of various secondary sex characteristics, such as sperm production and libido. Testosterone deficiency can result in conditions such as hypogonadism, which causes the absence of enough testosterone in the body. There are a number of other causes of low testosterone levels, including aging, certain medications and heart disease.

Cardiovascular disease, such as heart disease, can also be a contributing factor to erectile dysfunction and other sexual health issues. There are two types of cardiovascular disease – cardiovascular disease, which are the more common of the two, and coronary artery disease. A problem with one of these arteries can affect your sexual health and cause erectile dysfunction if it is present. Some of the cardiovascular diseases that can cause ED include: rheumatoid arthritis, cardiac disease, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, peripheral arterial occlusive disease, and heart valve disease.

There are a number of health-related factors that can be involved with male sexual health issues. One of these factors is anxiety. Having a poor sex life can be caused by a large amount of stress and anxiety that a person faces in their daily life. When a person is concerned about their performance at work or around other people in their life, they may experience a decrease in their sex drive and may notice decreased levels of confidence in their ability to get or keep an erection. These things can have an impact on the sexual health of a man and can lead to ED if they are not treated.

Alcohol use and smoking are two other health problem areas that can lead to erectile dysfunction and can cause sexual problems in men who are suffering from them. Men who are drinking or using drugs such as marijuana and cocaine are also at risk for erectile dysfunction and its related problems. Men should try to stay away from these substances, especially if they have a problem. It can be hard though, especially if you do not want to stop your addiction, but it is a necessity. Another health problem that can affect your sexual performance and lead to ed is sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea causes pauses in your breathing while you are sleeping, which can affect the penis.

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