What Is Continuous Glucose Monitoring? Here’s An Overview!

Living with diabetes is always challenging, because it’s hard to predict insulin fluctuations. While glucometers are now easily available to monitor glucose levels at home, you can consider something advanced called Continuous Glucose Monitoring, simply called CGM. As the name suggests, this gadget offers continuous blood glucose monitoring, every five minutes, so you don’t have to use a regular glucometer. CGM can be combined with an insulin pump.

In this post, we are sharing more on CGM devices.

How do CGM devices work?

CGM devices insert something called a ‘glucose sensor’ under the skin, typically in the arm, or abdominal wall. The process itself is not painful and can be managed without help of a healthcare professional. The sensor stays in place (using adhesive tape) and measures the changes in glucose levels. The information is displayed on a device called the CGM monitor, which can be kept in the pocket or fixed to the trouser belt. CGM devices works continuously, and the sensor must be changed in a few days.

More on CGM devices

While CGM devices are easy to use, it may take some time to get used to the product. Inserting the sensor is the most important part, and you have to set the alarm, if the product allows for that. Your physician will be able to guide you through the entire setup. You can seek help from a family member for the first few days.

What are the advantages?

Diabetes management gets easier with CGM devices, especially with patients who have frequent fluctuations or have other health-related issues. Depending on the device you select, CGM devices can offer glucose reading in real time, but most products take readings every few minutes. The data can be further uploaded on a PC to take further notes and check trends. If you are unaware of when you have low glucose level, or cannot feel the symptoms, a CGM device can be highly useful. While these devices are definitely more expensive than standard glucometers, the price is worth paying. CGM devices can be covered under insurance, so check for details.

Final word

Diabetic patients need to make lifestyle, diet and other changes in their routine based on glucometer readers from time to time, and CGM devices make it easy to know the trend, so that informed decisions can be taken by the healthcare team. Check online now to find more advanced CGM gadgets now!

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