Looking At The Popularity Of Cannabis Beverages

No matter whether you have a Medical Marijuana Card, or want to try cannabis recreationally, there is no dearth of products in the market. From tinctures, oils and topicals, to edibles, dried & cured flowers, and concentrates, the choices are many. A new addition to that list is cannabis beverages. Brands like Kalvara have come up with amazing cannabis beverages, which are meant to quench your thirst and offer the incredible experience that’s expected of premium cannabis. In this post, we are taking a look into the popularity of cannabis beverages.

Creating the concoction

While it may seem that having cannabis beverages in the market is obvious, making these products is way more complicated than you imagine. This is because cannabis has compounds like THC and CBD, which repel water. When we talk of cannabis beverages, we are basically referring to products that are infused with THC, and for that, the extract has to be water soluble.

The amazing taste and mix

Every experienced cannabis user has his/her favorite way of enjoying weed, but cannabis beverages offer a perfect choice to enjoy a drink, while being discreet. In case of vaping and smoking, you definitely need your own space, because doing cannabis in public is illegal. Edibles are also discreet, but in case of beverages, you can be easier with your fun with cannabis. There are ready products, which can be mixed into any drink, which turns into a great boost of THC – the only cannabinoid in cannabis that’s psychoactive, and will cause that ‘high’.

The new experience

The popularity of cannabis beverages can be also credited to the experience. Even for experienced users, drinks infused with THC are a new thing on the block, and allows people to try something that haven’t done before. You can choose to make something like a milkshake, or even a regular cocktail that has been spiked with the best THC content.

Control on dosage

Another good aspect of beverages is the easy dosing option. You can choose to go as high as you want. In other words, there can be precise control on the dosage, and like edibles, the effect of THC-infused beverages can last for a much longer time, which is a great advantage.

Just make sure that you go for premium-quality THC, so that the experience with your cannabis drink is worth it. Don’t shy away from trying something new for an incredible high.

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